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Treatments to relax the mind and body........
Sound Body Healing Menu..
Sound Healing w/ Singing Ring session:
Resonances from the bowl create harmonic overtones that comfortably wrap your whole body in sound while deeply relaxing your inner-being. 
60 mins: $70
80 mins: $90
Massage & Sound Healing w/ Singing Ring session: 
This treatment is great for people who have discomfort with body stiffness and stress related conditions.
60 mins: $70
80 mins: $90
for introduction experience:
only for person who takes singing-Lin session first time.
30mins: $35
traveling fee (for house visit):
proximally $30
(depends on distance)
Sound Meditation Menu..
Sound Meditation for group
I travel for the Sound Meditation for group!
90 mins: 
each $50 (for 2 people to 4 people)
each $30 (for 5 people to 7 people)
each $20 (for 8 people and over)


Note for Sound Meditation for group:

a small additional fee is added when traveling beyond the South Bay area. please contact me for more info.