What is Singing Ring healing?

What is "Singing Ring"?

I use a variety of sound bowls for meditation. But for body healing, I mainly use the "Singing ring". Each (sound bowl, singing bowl etc) has its own beautiful and wonderful features. But today here

I will introduce it "Singing Ring".

Singing Ring.

This is a healing musical instrument that Japanese craftsmen designed with the finest of details.

Tibetan meditation Bowl (a type of Buddhist instrument) has rich harmonic overtones,
Japanese Lin (also a type of Buddhist instrument) has a beautiful single tone and long sustain.
This singing Ring is a wonderful healing instrument incorporating both the Tibetan and Japanese qualities.

Harmonious waves penetrate quickly and deeply, while harmonic overtones delicately realign the body. 

As your body is in contact with the Singing Ring you will feel it’s deep resinating harmony and find your blissful state of being.

A Singing Ring treatment has the potential to transmit vibration deep within internal organs and nerves that rarely can be reached by other healing modalities.  

This Singing Ring creates a deep and calming state of consciousness while it addresses the imbalance between the body and the mind.


According to scientific data:
It is believed that the tone of the singing Ring bypasses beta waves,  can induce a meditative alpha wave state in the brain, and deepen states of consciousness with theta waves.