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sound meditation
myself/sound meditation
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Yuki Uwasawa Fultineer


My career: 

CMT (Certified Massage Therapist in CA)

Sound Body Healing

Shiatsu Practitioner

Deep Massage Practitioner

Myofascial Release

Headache Relief

Hot Stone Massage (La Stone)

Kundalini yoga teacher (K.R.I Certificate of Training)

DNA Healing work

Inner Child Workshop

My current focus:

I have been concentrating my work with the deep healing properties of sound.

My healing practice is in Los Angeles and Tokyo, Japan.

Other activities: 

Social Contribution Activities/

Meditation class at senior homes in Los Angeles.

Meditation class with special needs friends at Easterseals in South Bay, Los Angeles. 

myself/Shekere maker

My first Shekere  (beaded gourd musical instrument ) project was made by hand as a birthday present for my partner, who is a drummer.

The joy of making it continues to grow as I learn more about the Shekere tradition. 

I would like to continue learning from the Shekere craftspeople I admire.

I plan to continue making this wonderful instrument and connecting it with the energy and soul of the universe.​

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